[development] Repeating events using Date and Calendar

Neil Goodman posco2k5 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 18:43:52 UTC 2009

I am currently working on a project that needs to have the option to
create repeating events on a calendar in a Drupal 5 site. Currently we
are using the Event module and the Event Repeat module and we are
happy with the options the Event Repeat module gives us. However, we
have found that it is riddled with bugs. When going to the Event
Repeat module's project page ( http://drupal.org/project/eventrepeat )
it has this message:

"UPDATE: This modules has some issues related to time zones,
performance on high traffic sites and advanced repeat patterns. You
may want to use the date/calendar soultion instead, which is currently
further along."

However I can not find any documentation on how to setup repeating
event behavior using just the date module and the calendar module. Has
anyone had to do something similar to this? If so, can you recommend a


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