[development] Asking for donations in contrib

Steven Surowiec steven at digitalpulp.com
Tue Jan 13 21:33:37 UTC 2009

One thing I've also done in the past (I don't maintain any Drupal 
modules but did maintain other small OSS projects) was to tell people, 
when they requested a feature, that it would be added to the pile but if 
they want it ASAP I can put a price tag on it. Don't know how well this 
would work with a Drupal module, or if it would be frowned upon, but for 
other projects it has worked well.

Nancy Wichmann wrote:
> Arancaytar Ilyaran wrote:
>> It would be great if I could fix bugs for free but use donation drives to
>> sponsor new features. That would probably be better than selling
> customizations
> This sounds like a marvelous idea to me.  I, too, have limited time, and
> even more limited funds.
> I know some maintainers put a Paypal button on their projects, which I have
> considered.
> Nancy

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