[development] Development and Production environments

cooper Quintin cooperq at cooperq.com
Thu Jan 15 09:22:03 UTC 2009

Hello All,
I am trying to set up an already live drupal site with a development,
testing and production (live) environment.  I started by checking all
the code and a mysqldump into a subversion repository.  I then began to
set up a development environment on the same server that the live site
was running on.  I got everything set up (development database, vhost,
etc.) and went to the development site, it worked fine but after running
for about 1 or 2 minutes it crashed the server.  I restarted the server
and left it running just fine for a while, then I tried visiting the
development site again with the same results. (Spectacular crash).  I
tried setting up a dev environment on my local computer and the same
exact thing happened.  I find this to be incredibly strange since the
live site runs perfect on the same exact server, with the same exact
settings.  Has anyone else run into this problem or have any ideas what
could be causing it?  I was pondering that it could be memcached but
then that shouldn't have caused a problem running solo on my box.  I
have included some pertinent information below.

Cooper Quintin
Freelance Programmer, Indymedia Journalist
(510) 827-5382

P.S. Here is the pertinent info for the server:
Server OS: CentOS 5
Drupal Version: 5.15
php 5.2.8
apache 2.2.3
mysql 5.0.45
memcached 1.2.5

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