[development] Asking for donations in contrib

Nancy Wichmann nan_wich at bellsouth.net
Thu Jan 15 23:09:20 UTC 2009

Brian Kennedy wrote:
> So much for the F in FOSS.

I’m not asking for *you* to pay for my time.  But my rent is not free, nor
are any of the bills I pay (like electric or internet), nor is the food that
passes, occasionally, through my system.  Those all benefit you, whether or
not you pay to download the code I provide.  But if I don’t pay them, you
will lose support for that code.

Have you ever seen a module that says “Supported by” or “Underwritten by”?
That means that someone paid for that module you get for nothing and about
which you are free to complain.

I would have much more time and incentive to work on those modules if
someone – anyone – was paying me to do it.  Right now, Real Life* is
hindering my ability to support my 20+ modules.  I feel very bad about that,
but it is a reality that I must face – and so must my adopters.

There are many large companies that would otherwise be paying a large chunk
of change to some vendor for the benefits they get from Drupal core and
contib maintainers.  If they would contribute a portion of the savings, the
entire Drupal community would be better off.  BTW, how much are you making
from Drupal?  How much have you contributed back?

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