[development] Convince Client to Release Code

Jamie Holly hovercrafter at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 13 11:46:52 UTC 2009

Does the client have a site/service that would be of interest to the 
general public? If so then I would try to sell it from the angle that 
you can release the module with a "supported by" attribution that links 
back to them from the D.O. project page. That could help give them more 
recognition and give their company a higher standing within the O.S. 

Jamie Holly

Fred Jones wrote:
> We have one client for whom we wrote a set of custom modules. I asked
> the client if we could put the modules on d.o and he balked. I tried
> to explain that he'll get good testing and also bug fixes and new
> features maybe, if others post patches etc.
> He feels that he (his organization that is) paid for the work and why
> should someone else now benefit? He also has this idea that other
> organizations like his will want a site like his and he has plans to
> provide a hosted service for them (while this idea may seem
> far-fetched, I do think he has some connections which might make this
> idea feasible).
> So he thinks if we release the code, then they will just grab the code
> and use it. I tried to explain that your average layman has no idea
> what Drupal is, no way to figure out your site is running Drupal, and
> if even he got that far, he has no way of building his site without a
> professional to put the pieces together (after they figure what those
> pieces are of course), and then they he would do just as well to use
> our hosted plan!
> But he hasn't accepted this. Are there any good arguments we can use
> to persuade him? I feel he has nothing to lose in releasing the code,
> but we have to convince him of that.
> Thanks.

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