[development] rfc compliant

Brian Vuyk brian at brianvuyk.com
Mon Jul 20 06:36:06 UTC 2009

I cannot comment on the domain name fields, but the email addresses are 
an issue I am involved in.

In it's current state, D7 only supports 64-character email addresses, as 
in D5 and D6. However, there is an issue for this, and I intend to 
submit a patch to adjust the email field to varchar(254) for the 
following reasons:

1. D7's minimum requirement for MySQL is version 5.0. Varchar's larger 
than 255 are not supported until version 5.0.3
2. The errata for RFC 3696 specify that the maximum useful length of an 
email address is 256 character including the angled brackets. Since the 
brackets are not stored in the DB, the maximum length should be 254 

You can follow up the discussion, with references to the appropriate 
RFC's here: http://drupal.org/node/470306.

Brian Vuyk
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Aldo Reset wrote:
> does core drupal for some field will be rfc compliant ?
> mail address:  varchar(320)
> any domain name field:  varchar(255).
> bst regards 

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