[development] historical date field suggestions?

Jon Lee jonlee554 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 03:05:36 UTC 2009


I wish to make a CCK Date field that allows for approximate historical
dates.  As far as I understand in D6 you can have a from and to date, but
the granularity is applied to both fields, for every use of the field.

If I made a new content type called Historical Figure, and had birth and
death dates, I would want to allow the user to be able to enter different
kinds of birth dates, like "circa 1634", "April 1837", "Summer 1919" or
"late 1600's".

>From a db perspective I imagine I could make it a combination of a date or
datetime plus an enum, and some drupal hook would be responsible for turning
the date+enum into the phrase.

What would be the best way of creating this new date field?  I know the Date
API has been extensively worked on, but am unsure how to hook into it.

Should I just create a new date field type?  Or try to use existing modules
(say-- a multigroup of date + text area with the calculated fields module)?

Thank you
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