[development] D7-UX: Complete nightmare

Stefan Nagtegaal development at standoutdesign.nl
Fri Jun 26 08:42:58 UTC 2009

After a long time, I'm finally back and up to speed with Drupal CVS  

The last couple of weeks, I was trying to get into the "Drupal 7 User  
Experience"-improvements the community is  planning to make before  
releasing Drupal 7. Unfortunatly, I lost track between all the  
different websites (drupalusability.org / drupal.org / d7ux.org /  
groups.org/microproject and so on), the enormous amount of issues and  
the ongoing talk of wireframes, suggestions and idea's.

Now, concretely what I would like to know to get started *somwhere* is  
the following:
- Where do we have the exact guidelines and examples of how we are  
going to work to complete this (horror)job and immense task? Is there  
any at all?
- Do we have a roadmap to complete and guide the community, and the  
order we should work things out?
- What is the place to look at, if I want to work on it structurely  
and to not lost track on all the things spread around on the different  
groups / websites and issues?
- Is there anyone taking a lead in this, who I can talk to and dicuss  
things with?

As I'm getting up with Drupal CVS again I didn't found anything  
related to the "new" (seperated again) administration section. I  
couldn't find any code to rely on, or even to get an overlay-sort-of- 
thing working to build upon. (perhaps I'm wrong, but I had the feeling  
that this would be there as *a lot* of people are wireframing, making  
sketches of possible and new UI's and discussing things that IMO  
doesn't even matter as long as the groundwork isn't done yet..

So, to make such a long story short: Is there anyone, or any place  
where I could find things (structurely ordered, preferably by task) to  
start on at least some things of the groundwork?

I hope there are some people willing, who could help me to get going.

Yours sincerely,

Stefan Nagtegaal

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