[development] Taxonomy path OG aware

Paolo Mainardi paolomainardi at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 20:32:04 UTC 2009

Il giorno 30/giu/2009, alle ore 22.11, Earl Dunovant <prometheus6 at gmail.com 
 > ha scritto:

>> I think that the only solution is to avoi totally pathauto and  
>> changing url
>> path of term views in according to old pathauto alias...
> You need to set up arguments for the group node and the term. If you
> set them up in that order, your view's path setting would be
> node/%/category/%

Hi Earl,

I will try with this configuration, without node in front, only this:


Because old pathauto scheme.

My concern it's only on howto set og context on this views.


Paolo Mainardi
CTO Twinbit

> Interestingly enough, you can use node titles and term names as
> arguments so in theory you can use them in the url. I haven't tried
> using node titles.

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