[development] How to port modules? was: Drupal 7 "When it's Ready"

Michael Favia michael at favias.org
Fri Mar 6 16:42:02 UTC 2009

Paolo Mainardi wrote:
> Yeah, really nice, please relax Gerard.
Sorry for the curtness, but this isn't exactly the first time this 
argument has come up in the last 5 years and some people get tired of 
beating it to death. We have maintained a steady position that our 
willingness to break API on major version releases allows for more 
innovative work and less complex development of new features. It 
constitutes is one of our competitive advantages over other CMS 
solutions and allows us to focus our development efforts forward not 
backward. We fully understand the costs of following such a model and 
understand if it isnt something youre interested in, but nobody pulled 
the rug out from under you here. This is how its been and how it will 
be. It is a big reason that a lot of us are on this project instead of 
others whether we know it or not. We understand that this may scare off 
some enterprise customers seeking stability. We dont have stability yet 
and might not for along time. Your efforts and the efforts of everyone 
postulating the best way to release D7 would be best applied like they 
usually are in assistance upgrading the modules you care about :). Good 
luck. -mf

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