[development] D7 contrib module development

Marcel Partap mpartap at gmx.net
Sun Mar 8 02:58:55 UTC 2009

On 08/03/09 03:29, Kyle Mathews wrote:
> RE following the linux model -- we already are. Linux has one
> "kernel" and how ever many applications built on top it that there
>  are individuals interested enough to write one. [...] But in the
> Linux application space it's a wild wild west as far as quality
> standards go.
Seems a bit to me like you intentionally misunderstood my analogy ;D
The comparison i was (not even) trying to make is linux core kernel
and optional modules versus Drupal core and contrib.

> As Drupal matures, so will the contributed modules space.
Even though you are trying hard, i am not talking names (of modules
which contain code that just scares me).

> Already more important modules like Views see significant
> commercial support and have code quality standards as high as
> core.
Well so these modules are not the problem. But what about that
notification modules mess?

> I think forcing all contrib code to go through a central space is a
> really bad idea because a) it doesn't scale
May i guess that you never been subscribed to the wine-patches mailing
list? Granted the project's scope is very different, but a huge amount
of code diffs is flowing through that channel everyday - and with
designated nested folders in my thunderbird i find it highly
manageable to skim through code i'm interested in.. speaking of which
maybe a drupal-patches mailing list synchronized with an automatic
patch tracker wouldn't be a bad way to handle this..

> who wants to spend time reviewing someone's weekend hacking
> project?
That's the point. Someone's weekend hacking project just doesn't
belong in the d.o repository if the quality is not sufficient, period
(imho *g).

> and b) it'd unfairly kill ugly baby modules which might mature into
> something significant.
Well those ugly baby modules then simply need to be rewritten for D7
to push the code to a higher level of quality. This is not about
social fairness. This is about software that has to reliably work for
millions of people. _And_ be fast at it.
> Innovation isn't "perfect" at the start.
'Course not - but we had D1-6 for that ain't it?


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