[development] D7 contrib module development

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Mar 8 13:46:54 UTC 2009

Quoting Marcel Partap <mpartap at gmx.net>:

> Hi fellow drupal devs,
> wanted to bring up a few points about module development for some 
> time and i guess now that module development happens to be the hot 
> topic of the day would be a good time..
> While D6 is proving to be a great success and through contrib modules 
> can be flexibly expanded to almost unlimited use case customizations, 
> working with a whole bunch of modules on our site my experience is 
> that quantity is not necessarily a good compensation for quality. 
> Several problems just keep coming up:
> - modules spamming the watchdog table with E_ALL warnings
> - modules ignoring the style/documentation guide lines
> - applied insane programming(TM) techniques
> - undescriptive module names
> but by far the most serious one is
> - duplication (partial feature overlap with existing modules).

I like duplication overlap.  In particular when that overlap provides 
better features than another module of like manner.  There is code and 
then there is better code as you've noted in your first four points.  
The modules of importance will be upgraded by those who care.  Others 
can pay for the upgrade of a module if they wish or take over the 
maintenance of that module themselves.  IMO, the most serious is your 
second point of modules ignoring the style/documentation guide lines.

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