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Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Mon Mar 9 01:07:25 UTC 2009

> To be honest, I think this is an absolutely terrible idea.  It's
>> just not scalable.  We've got thousands of contributed modules and
>> themes, which makes for millions of lines of code. To ask that we
>> can have a core team of developers managing contrib patches,
> Quite frankly that's not what i'm proposing, out of the reasons you
> just stated.
> BTW although according to
> wget -qO - http://ftp.drupal.org/files/projects/|html2text<http://ftp.drupal.org/files/projects/%7Chtml2text>-width 130 -nobs|'grep' "\-6.x\-"|sed 's/\[\[   \]\]//;s/-6.*//'|sort -u|wc
> -l
> there currently are 2227 D6 contrib projects (compared to 2827 for D5) - do
> you really think all of those provide a useful benefit to the community? how
> many of those are deprecated, unmaintained or plain useless? Even then we
> can prevent that from happening on D7 *without* destroying what's already
> there. D6 will live on for perhaps up to a decade anyways... There are still
> D4 sites out there!

Yes, your observation is correct, but  ... so what?

We've always had stuff that falls off the face of earth. So what? The
caravan continues on ...

The very first module I contributed (feedback) illustrates a point: It was
started in 2002 by someone called "barry". I had it working I took it over
in 2004 with totally new code for Drupal 4.5. Then "fago" overhauled it a
lot in 2006. Over time, the contact module in core came along, and I stopped
using feedback. Then in 2008 "sun" took it over and repurposed it with new

The "too many modules in contrib syndrome" can be taken as confusing,
excessive, ...etc. but can also be taken as a sign of a healthy and vibrant
community. So what if we have a few extra gigabytes of code? So what if they
become unmaintained?

If we raise the barrier or block new entries we will be shutting ourselves
off from being the platform for the new chx or the new merlinofchaos.

It does not matter ... if it is the wild wild west, then let it be. It is a
small price to pay for innovation and the power of the masses.
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