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Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Mon Mar 9 01:27:18 UTC 2009

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Daniel F. Kudwien schrieb:
>> So now the first time site builder who just wants his friends 
>> to be able to decide if they want to receive email notice of 
>> new content needs to download and enable the right 
>> combination of at least 3 modules. Or he can just download 
>> and enable notify module.
> Now your users start crying for a feature that Notify module does
> not provide.  You create a patch for it, it gets committed, and
> Notify module is one more step closer to be a full duplicate of
> other notification modules.

If the cries of your users get too loud it's time to either close the
door or crank up the sound level...


Or you could create a migration script to one of the more advanced
notification modules.

>> As a developer, sometimes it much easier for me to write my own
>> solution to my own simple problem than to take the time to learn
>> someone else's framework for a generic class of similar
>> problems. Sometimes, duplicating basic code is the more efficient
>> process, especially in a system as complex as you describe.
> The real issue starts with module integration.  User-facing modules
> like Buddylist, Guestbook, Organic Groups, Privatemsg, and a lot
> others integrate either with one or the other notification module.
> So you end up with Privatemsg, which integrates with Subscriptions,
> and Guestbook, which integrates with Notifications.
> Now, module maintainers are either forced to integrate with more
> than one notification module, or none at all - requiring the
> notification modules to take over the integration.

I believe the latter way is the way to go. Drupal core should make
this process easy by providing hooks etc.

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