[development] Loading configuration using 'SERVER_NAME' as opposed to 'HTTP_HOST'

Sammy Spets sammys-drupal at synerger.com
Tue Mar 17 01:51:30 UTC 2009

Using a symlink will result in modules, themes and files having an 
incorrect path stored in the database. When you move the site live 
you'll need to have your dev symlink in place for the site to function. 
You could, of course, change all the entries in files and system tables 
to reflect the change (along with any color module variables). Yuck... 
too much work.

Instead of symlinks, set your development machine's 'hosts' file 
(/etc/hosts on linux and %WINDOWS%/system32/drivers/etc/hosts on 
windows) to have sitename.com go to instead of the live site.

You can remove the 'hosts' entry and restart your browser to reach the 
live site again.

An alternative to this is to use sites/sitename.com then have 
dev.sitename.com go to and it'll pick up that site directory 
anyway. Just remember to set your VirtualHost directive to accept 
dev.sitename.com as a ServerAlias.

Sammy Spets

Michael Prasuhn wrote:
> While this may be less clean than desired, how about a symlink from 
> drupal/sites/sitename.dev to drupal/sites/sitename.com ?
> Surely this would achieve a similar result with no downside to that 
> being deployed on the server.
> -Mike
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