[development] Best place to store user data

Nancy Wichmann nan_wich at bellsouth.net
Tue Mar 17 03:49:40 UTC 2009

There is nothing wrong with cache, as Crell said. I have done both
techniques. However, one caveat with cache - it is not as persistent as one
would like to think. There are many events that cause it to be cleared.
Using a minimum lifetime also interferes with some very popular (i.e. core)
modules. I have to agree with Crell's conclusion, go with a discreet table
if your data needs to be consistently persistent.

So let me add a bit to the question because I just came across it in a
contrib. Let's say you need one field that exactly matches a core table. Is
it ever okay, upgrades aside, to add that column to the core table? Some
things I've read about D7 seem to indicate this will be okay in D7. The use
of "drupal_write_record"  really makes this a convenient practice.

Nancy E. Wichmann, PMP
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