[development] Help revolutionize project work and collaboration on drupal.org!

Daniel F. Kudwien news at unleashedmind.com
Fri Mar 27 20:29:25 UTC 2009

Derek Wright (dww) has been so kind to create a public and focused ChipIn
for the one thing we are all waiting for:

#34496 Add Flag integration [1]

It is a major milestone for the way we work with projects and issues on
drupal.org.  I encourage everyone who would like to see projects emerging
faster, and especially everyone who builds Drupal sites for clients to
contribute to this ChipIn.  It will allow the dedicated developers, Derek
Wright, Chad Philips, and David Strauss, to work on the implementation on

Benefits for you:

- One-click subscribing to issues of your interest!

  No more need to leave a senseless comment.  No more "+1" or
  "subscribing".  Just click.  Only follow-up when you have something
  relevant to say.

- Know how popular a feature or serious a bug is by the amount of

  A new way for developers to identify issues that should be done.  A new
  way to identify the needs and interests of users of a module.

- Allow your co-maintainers to co-maintain!

  Finally, anyone will be able to have the same project issue view like
  project owners.  Your co-maintainers see all new issues and issue
  updates like you.  Removing the burden from the primary maintainer!

- A whole new contributor role: sub-maintainers!

  Anyone can easily keep an eye on any project of interest.  You can't code?
  But you know how a module works?  Then you can help with support requests,
  design decisions, documentation issues, and whatnot.  Removing even more
  burden from the project maintainers, meaning: more time to actually DO
  and improve something!

- Get issue updates of all subscribed issues via mail or RSS!

  You'll be able to granularly define for which issues you want e-mail

Read about further details and contribute on


[1] #34496 Add Flag integration

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