[development] node not fully loaded in hook_update() in node admin form

augustin (beginner) drupal.beginner at wechange.org
Sat Mar 28 11:02:57 UTC 2009

On Friday 27 March 2009 20:01:00 Earnie Boyd wrote:
> You might need to change the weight of your module in the system table  
> so that it executes later than the node and/or the taxonomy modules.  
> Hooks are called in order of weight and within weight by the ascending  
> sort order of the name of the module.  The default weight is zero.  
> Otherwise you may have a module installed that is badly mistreating  
> the node object.

Thanks. I needed the reminder about module weights. I often forget about it.

Still, my module name is cw.module, it previously had a weight of 0. I have 
just upped the weight to 10 and see no difference.

In any case, since I define the node type cw_charity, cw_charity_load() should 
be called before cw_charity_view() or before cw_charity_update(), which I 
explained does not seem to happen in some special cases (node preview + node 
admin form). 



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