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Ámon Tamás amont at 5net.hu
Mon Mar 30 11:02:44 UTC 2009

2009-03-25 20:06 keltezéssel, Andrew Berry írta:
> On 25-Mar-09, at 11:48 AM, Ámon Tamás wrote:
>> Thanks, but I like to user the other result like the drupal result 
>> and I like to mix it.
> You might also be able to do this with hook_search and 
> hook_update_index. AFAIK there is no restriction on where the content 
> comes from, however it does end up getting indexed in Drupal as well. 
> So it's probably not what you want if you all ready have a search 
> index on the remote site.
> See http://api.drupal.org/api/group/search/6 and 
> http://api.drupal.org/api/function/hook_search/6

First I like to use the hook_update_index, but it only can to work with 
node-s, or if I like to insert other content I must use an other type in 

Or is there an other indexer, what can index external sites and easy to 
use with drupal? It schould be enough...

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