[development] Database / SQL future thoughts

larry at garfieldtech.com larry at garfieldtech.com
Wed May 6 18:17:19 UTC 2009

Karoly Negyesi wrote:
>> There would have to be some significant performance improvements to justify
>> pushing these views into the database in this developers opinion.
> If my understanding is correct then that's what David Strauss'
> materialized views do.

Eh, not really.  They're a sort of manual optimization and re-indexing 
using data duplication.  Ideally the database should be able to do that 
internally on its own.  Most don't.

MVs are not moving the hard work of Views.module to the database. 
They're moving the hard work of the database to cached user code.

If MySQL had built-in materialized views, then we could push the hard 
work on to the database and it would do that sort of pre-generation 
itself.  Sadly it doesn't, so its "views" are really just syntax nicety.

--Larry Garfield

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