[development] Strange error on drupal_set_message calls in hook enable

Daniel Caillibaud ml at lairdutemps.org
Mon May 11 09:28:23 UTC 2009


In hook enable (mymodule.install file), drupal_set_message throws a fatal error, but only if called in a if { bloc }.
Strange isn't it ?

This is the code, tested with php 5.2.6

define('DEBUG', TRUE);
function mytestmodule_enable() {
  // this line throws Fatal error: Call to undefined function  drupal_set_message() 
  // if (function_exists('drupal_set_message')) { drupal_set_message("fct mytestmodule_enable"); }
  // but this one don't (if previous line disabled)
  drupal_set_message("fct mytestmodule_enable");
  // and this one also throws the fatal error
  //if (DEBUG) { drupal_set_message("fct mytestmodule_enable"); }


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