[development] need a standard for contrib node build_mode constants

Peter Wolanin pwolanin at gmail.com
Sun May 17 03:19:52 UTC 2009

When doing some cleanup of my Modr8 module, I wanted to define a new
build_mode for use by

I realized that we don't have any standard for picking new int
constants for this case in specific, or more generally.  So, here's a
suggested standard that I think is nearly fool-proof:  When defining
an additional build mode constant (or similar constant) in a
contributed module, the suggested standard is to use the unix
timestamp of when you write the code to minimize the likelihood of two
modules using the same value.

I think it's sane and nearly perfect since a new module will then
never pick the same value as an existing module, and in general it's
very unlikely that 2 people will by writing a new constant the same

Am I missing anything?  Any reason not to suggest this as a standard?


PS - a couple easy ways to get the timestamp on you command line:

date -j "+%s"
php -r 'echo time() ."\n";'

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