[development] Status update: WYSIWYG support in Drupal core

Daniel F. Kudwien news at unleashedmind.com
Sat May 23 06:41:46 UTC 2009

<Digital7>	tha_sun: on the previous subject..so you know, wysiwyg is less customizable than straight up fck[editor.]module
<Digital7>	tha_sun: it's missing the ability to re-skin the buttons
<Digital7>	tha_sun: and it won't drop down a 2nd or 3rd bar for a full set of menu bar buttons
<tha_sun>	If you can code, you know how to alter the default skin.
<Digital7>	tha_sun: i mean by standard configuration
<tha_sun>	sure
<tha_sun>	We've got a lot to do in the area of wysiwyg api...
<Digital7>	tha_sun: no complaints though, that is definitely a better module once it is a bit more mature
<tha_sun>	OTOH, unlike fckeditor.module, wysiwyg api requires no hacks in other modules, manual config file changes, etc.
<Digital7>	tha_sun: that's a plus...fckeditor.module burned several hours of my time
<Digital7>	tha_sun: initially
<Digital7>	tha_sun: what's keeping you from getting that module standardized in drupal?
<tha_sun>	Digital7: I guess you mean in core?
<Digital7>	tha_sun: yes--if that's the proper term for a module included with the standard installation
<tha_sun>	Digital7: There are many reasons.
<tha_sun>	Digital7: Starting with http://drupal.org/project/libraries
<tha_sun>	Digital7: A few others...
<tha_sun>	But ultimately ending in: countless support and feature requests, which Drupal core most likely can't handle.
<Digital7>	tha_sun: seems like it'd be a top priority for the project..given how significantly it improves the usability
<tha_sun>	We have yet to find a solution for this issue.
<tha_sun>	You know.
<tha_sun>	I'm an evil maintainer.
<tha_sun>	You get a won't fix before you submit an issue.
<tha_sun>	Drupal core, though, depends on many volunteers to do this job.
<tha_sun>	And, many of them, don't know the innards of the system.
<Digital7>	i still see it happening whether it be sooner or later
<tha_sun>	So, insane feature/support requests live too long, although they won't ever fix.
<tha_sun>	If we add wysiwyg to that list, we will double or even triple the size of all open core issues.
<tha_sun>	It will happen. We just have to find out _how_.

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