[development] Status update: WYSIWYG support in Drupal core

Daniel F. Kudwien news at unleashedmind.com
Sat May 23 21:00:37 UTC 2009

> However, it doesn't matter what we as developers think about 
> the crappy state of WYSIWYG editors and the impossibility of 
> pasting horrible Word formatting.  Our job is to make 
> computer software work better and more easily for the end 
> users, not to force end users to adapt to cryptic computer 
> limitations.

Thanks.  Finally someone who understands the issue at hand.

> Yup, all of the WYSIWYG editors out there have some sort of 
> limitation or another.  That's a technical challenge.  Can we 
> solve it?  Or do we throw up our hands and give up?

Yes, we can.  Major parts of the challenge are solved already.

There is no "the editor for Drupal core".  In the same way you can have
multiple input formats for HTML, BBCode, Markdown or PHP, you can have an
appropriate client-side editor attached to each one of them.  Switching the
input format means switching the editor.  If you don't understand that, then
you don't understand the overall issue.

Also, we allow all Drupal modules to expose functionality to all editors.
Without requiring module developers to learn and understand gazillion of
different editor libraries.

Certainly, we still have to tackle some larger issues.  However, we are
slowly getting there.  If you want to help, just ping me.


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