[development] Status update: WYSIWYG support in Drupal core

Stefan Nagtegaal development at standoutdesign.nl
Mon May 25 08:51:35 UTC 2009

Op 25 mei 2009, om 02:33 heeft Karoly Negyesi het volgende geschreven:

> In a much lower voice, have you seen that Steef largely stopped
> contributing? Guess why: mostly because the old small community
> feeling of Drupal is waning and there is too much "clients" around.
> Think.

True, I have nothing to add here.

I'm glad that at least (by me, the very respected and legendary core  
contributor) Karoly noticed that I sort of gave up on drupal and I'm  
not contributing much at the moment.
That *does* however convince me that I was - in some way - valuable to  
the drupal project in the past and did things which brought drupal to  
a higher level.

It also makes me re-think my consideration of comletely abandoning  
drupal as a whole, although I'm not convinced yet.

Not sure why I answered this e-mail, as it does not add some value to  
the discussion. But I had the feeling that I had to let you guys know,  
how I'm feeling at the moment and the way I'm thinking about drupal.

Kind regards,


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