[development] How to add menu entry for certain node type?

Matt Chapman Matt at NinjitsuWeb.com
Mon Nov 2 05:48:57 UTC 2009

Views module can provide what you need.


The support mailing list or forums can help you with the details after 
you've read the available documentation.

Good luck,


Zhang Xiao wrote:
> hmm... thanks for the replies.
> but i think you did not get my idea...
> As in default theme Garland, if you go to a node page as an admin, you 
> can see the tabs:
> view: node/123/view
> edit: node/123/edit
> so what i want is also a tab here:
> employees: node/123/employees (when and only when node 123 is a 
> company node)
> let's say node/456 is not a company node, then there is no tab called 
> "employees" in node 456's page.
> Does this make sense?
> Sorry for my bad English expression ;P
> On Nov 2, 2009, at 12:54 AM, Greg Knaddison wrote:
>> On Sun, Nov 1, 2009 at 6:15 AM, Zhang Xiao <xellzhang at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> For example I have 2 node types:
>>> 1. company
>>> 2. employee
>>> I hope for company node I have a path like "node/123/employees" 
>>> which goes
>>> to the page display an employee list of this company.
>>> But i do not hope nodes in other types have this path, how to do that?
>> I don't think Pathauto or it's inner workings are the solution here.
>> I think the solution is cck nodereference + views and a validator on
>> the nid argument for "node type" is "company".
>> Regards,
>> Greg (i.e. maintainer of Pathauto).
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