[development] how to set nid argument in views so it works as "not equal to"?

KOBA | Hans Rossel hans.rossel at koba.be
Tue Nov 3 08:38:07 UTC 2009

check checkbox "Exclude the argument"

but better to ask this question in the support mailinglist in the future
because this is not about code.


2009/11/3 Zhang Xiao <xellzhang at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> What I want here is a list of latest nodes which are in same type as
> current node (assuming in node/123 page).
> I create a node view and set some filters, fields, etc... then i go to the
> argument section.
> I choose "Provide default argument" and set to "Node ID from URL".
> Then I do not know how to continue so that views can load nodes which nid
> does not equal to the argument....
> thanks :)

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