[development] hostmonster

Jeff Greenberg jeff at ayendesigns.com
Fri Nov 6 16:52:11 UTC 2009

Jim Taylor wrote:
> Jeff,
> I think you're barking up the wrong tree on this one, uc_views is 
> simply ading additional views based on the views module.  It not doing 
> anything that vanila views does not in other word it does not use SQL 
> Views.
> Jim
Well, perhaps, but since this is in the module install:
   db_query("CREATE VIEW {uc_order_products_qty_vw} 
(nid,order_count,avg_qty,sum_qty,max_qty,min_qty)  AS SELECT `op`.`nid` 
AS `nid`, COUNT(`op`.`nid`) AS `order_count`,AVG(`op`.`qty`) AS 
`avg_qty`, SUM(`op`.`qty`) AS `sum_qty`,MAX(`op`.`qty`) AS `max_qty`, 
MIN(`op`.`qty`) AS `min_qty` FROM {uc_order_products} `op` GROUP BY 
`op`.`nid` ORDER BY `op`.`nid`");

along with two others, and since that Popular Products view uses them, 
and since the module description in projects says that Mysql Views 
create permissions are needed...I think I'm barking in the right direction.

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