[development] Dispay profile category in right order

Belyaev Anatoly tolya.msu at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 10:46:17 UTC 2009

Hi. I have some problem with sorting out which category of profile(core
module) to show on user page first if i have more then one of it.
ex:. I create 2 category on administrator page with some fields on each.
category A
   field A_A
   filed A_B
category B
  field B_A
  field B_B
Then user fil in this field with data and try to review it on his page aka (
And it displays the category "B" before  "A" which is not good.
I discover that it gets it from database with query "SELECT * FROM
profile_fields WHERE visibility != 4 ORDER BY category, weight."
So there is all good.
Then it construct the array of this fields. And Dev_render page show me that
all good with order there too. But still on page it on wrong order.
I find the work around that if i add DESC to query on category the display
will be ok.
Any idea why it happened?
PS. Tested on all default theme.

With best wishes,
Anatoly Belyaev
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