[development] Views and Rules

Matt Chapman Matt at NinjitsuWeb.com
Mon Nov 9 15:15:43 UTC 2009

Cool idea. There's definitely some sort of relationship to be made to 
Views Bulk Operations module, though I'm not sure off hand exactly what 
that would look like.


Steven Jones wrote:
> Hi,
> Most of us know that the project_issue module automatically closes
> fixed issues after two weeks of inactivity, this is done with a fairly
> simple SQL query run on cron.
> The casetracker modules that are bundled with open atrium lack such a
> feature, and I'm trying to add one. Now I know that I could add a
> simple SQL query on cron, and add the feature, but I think closing
> fixed cases after two weeks is a specific example of a more general
> feature. That is: doing some actions to a bunch of stuff.
> I think the 'some actions' can be provided by actions, or even rule
> sets from the rules module, but it seems that the only way to invoke
> actions at the moment is from an event driven perspective, and
> although there is a 'cron' event in rules, it seems you can't then
> iterate over nodes matching certain conditions. So I'd still need to
> code a way to build the 'bunch of stuff'.
> One of my first thoughts was: 'can I use views for this?' My idea is
> to add a display plugin that 'renders' a view 'into actions', the
> providing module can execute the view on cron.
> Is there something similar out there that already does this? Does it
> sound like even a vaguely sensible idea?
> Regards
> Steven Jones
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