[development] Is there a CCK equivalent of Taxonomy_Other?

Clarke Robin Robin.Clarke at networkrail.co.uk
Mon Nov 16 12:04:46 UTC 2009

I have a custom type that is made up of various CCK fields and my users
are then able to add new nodes of this type to his website. One of the
fields is a CCK text options widget. The problem I have is that I do not
know how I can set it up, so that the user is able to add new options.

Lets take a 2nd hand car dealer as an example. A car node has a "Fuel
Type" field, and the dealer has the option of selecting "Diesel" or
"Petrol" from a drop down. Now, what happens when he gets in an electric
car? The user does not have the skills to edit the node type directly.
And I do not want to have to go in every time and add a new Fuel Type

Of course, the example of fuel type will rarely happen. But what happens
when we have a field that he may add to monthly?

The Taxonomy_Other module does exactly what I want, except in this case
these fields really should be fields, and not categories.

So, is there a module that does what Taxonomy_Other does, but to CCK
options fields?


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