[development] new dev q: are mysql queries possible within drupal?

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> spartaguy spartaguy wrote:
>> Thanks to everyone that replied.
>> To summarise then:
>>  1)  I need to make a custom module.
>>  2) The module should have a block for displaying the query and a menu
>> hook
>>  3) I can add the module to either primary links or navigation as a menu
>> item
>>  4) Rendered HTML using mysql commands is quite straight forward
>>  5) The tables being queried are easier to access within the main drupal
>> d/b but i can use a different db
>> Regarding a different db, does this command:
>> db_set_active('customerdb');
>> make *all* db queries go through customerdb or just the ones for my
>> module?
>> ie will drupal have any issues accessing the data it needs from say
>> "drupaldb" if I dont change
>> the active db back again?
> db_set_active('customdb'); will make *all* queries run against customdb,
> until you call db_set_active(); to set it back to the default DB.  For that
> reason, you should minimize the amount of work you do while using that DB.
>  For instance:
> function dostuff() {
>  $old_db = db_set_active('custom');
>  $data = db_fetch_object(db_query("SELECT ..."));
>  db_set_active($old_db);
>  // Do some manipulation of $data here.
>  return theme('mytheme_key', $data, $something_else);
> }
> Note that in the above, you put all of your DB interaction together in one
> place, switch the DB just long enough to run that, and then go back to
> normal.  That ensures that once you get into theme calls or calling other
> Drupal functions you're back on the main Drupal database so that other code
> doesn't get confused.
> --Larry Garfield

Sounds a lot easier to just query it from dedicated tables within the main
drupal db.
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