[development] Drupal way of doing onchange

Jamie Holly hovercrafter at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 22 23:38:39 UTC 2009

That isn't even valid - having the <div> not inside a <td> or <th>. That 
could lead to problems, but you might want to try:


Like I said it might not even work considering the markup you are 
showing is invalid in HTML and XHTML.

If for some reason you missed the <td></td> surrounding the div then try 


Jamie Holly

Jeff Greenberg wrote:
> Jamie Holly wrote:
> > $("#{field_id}").prev('label') will give you the label
> Might have worked if the label were encased in <label> tags, but it's 
> really ugly...like this
> <tr>
> <td class="generalclass">labeltest</td>
> <div>field</div>
> </td>
> </tr>
> don't know why it was done that way. I tried prev("td"), 
> prev("td.generalclass") and prev("tr") ... nada

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