[development] Getting SVN to deal with orphaned and new files

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Wed Nov 25 06:00:53 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 24 November 2009 10:35:06 pm Shai Gluskin wrote:
> Wow; with drush, as Larry hinted, no need to use CVS versions anymore
> unless you've hacked the module. Goodbye cvs_deploy module and lots of CVS
> files getting committed to SVN.
> But here is my question. Can anyone confirm that what I just described is
> not so with Drupal core. Though Drush can download a fresh non CVS install
> of Drupal, It isn't able to upgrade Drupal core. So it seems like it still
> makes sense to not use Drush for downloading Drupal core, but stick to CVS
> for ease of upgrade. Can anyone confirm that is correct?
> Shai

I was using the "vendor drop" method Andrew describes until recently.  I just 
hated having to maintain it.  So instead I hacked up a drush command that CAN 
update core:


No idea when that issue will work its way into Drush itself, but the code I 
posted works for me.  I'm certain it's not the best approach, but it works for 
me. :-)

Larry Garfield
larry at garfieldtech.com

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