[development] Getting SVN to deal with orphaned and new files

Dave Cohen drupal at dave-cohen.com
Thu Nov 26 02:49:06 UTC 2009

I use `cvs update -dP` to get the latest changes from drupal.org's CVS.  Then I `svn add ...` and `svn rm ...` as needed.  It's not so bad.

I treat Drupal core as a vendor branch.  I could do so with each module I use as well, but that just seems not worth the effort.

Finally, I use svn:externals.  So that when I'm working on multiple web sites I can make a patch to core or a module just once, and each website will get that change when I `svn update`.

Combining CVS and svn this way is a little tricky, but comes in handy, too.


On Tuesday 24 November 2009 15:19:04 Shai Gluskin wrote:
> I get modules from d.o. from CVS, then I commit them to my own  
> repository with SVN.

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