[development] Apache restriction for admin interface...

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Fri Oct 2 13:19:47 UTC 2009

Philip Mather wrote:
> Afternoon,
>    I'm the paranoid type and so after installing and setting up my lovely
> new drupal site I decided that, with all due respect, I'd feel much more
> comfortable restricting access to the /admin section with an apache password
> prompt. [...]

It looks like your solution is somewhat different from the approach of 

Would you consider writing up a page for the Drupal Handbook 
explaining what you did? And maybe mentioning the module above too, 
and what the differences are, and any other modules you found that 
have similar aims? It could possibly go under:
- Advanced installation http://drupal.org/node/346385
- Beyond the Basics - How Tos 
- Comparisons of contributed modules (if you have several modules to 
compare) http://drupal.org/node/266179

Anyone with a drupal.org account (which anyone can get) can write a 
book page. Just navigate to the parent page and click "Add child page" 
at the bottom.


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