[development] Developing for Drupal 7

Michael Favia michael at favias.org
Mon Oct 12 01:38:59 UTC 2009

James Benstead wrote:
> So, can anyone provide me with a framework of how Drupal core works 
> that will help me get started on more complex and rewarding patches, 
> or should I just keep plugging away semi-randomly at the issue queues 
> and learn more or less organically?
Very few people have a keen understanding in ALL aspects of drupal core 
much like very few people have the same level of experience in the linux 
kernel. I would suggest finding an area of drupal that interest you or 
one that is receiving alot of attention and running it through a 
debugger (ZendDebugger or the like) to step through its function and get 
a general understanding of its internal operation. Take the knowledge 
gained and attempt to pair it with an issue or two i that area of core 
and repeat with other areas orf core. Over time you develop a passing 
understanding of a good portion of it. at least thats my M.O. -mf

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