[development] Distributed Pairprogramming for Drupal

Ken Winters kwinters at coalmarch.com
Thu Oct 15 13:43:48 UTC 2009

On Oct 15, 2009, at 9:17 AM, Eike Starkmann wrote:

> Ken Winters wrote:
>> I was thinking along the same lines.  Most of the Drupal development
>> that I've seen is either:
>> A) Written by one person, then reviewed / improved asynchronously  
>> in the
>> issue tracker rather than working at the same time
>> B) Written by a team of people for a project in-house, in which  
>> case it
>> would be the same as basically any other in-house PHP development
> If you are working just like this perhaps Saros really doesn't make
> sense. But what is about the issue Cameron was thinking of? Working
> together with Saros and getting the patches in the core?

It might work in some cases, but I suspect it won't reach wide  
adoption.  Time
is very tight, so any delays messing with connection problems, etc.  
really acceptable.  So, both parties would need to have already used  
it in the
past and frequently for it to be usable during crunch time.

- Ken Winters

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