[development] Using drupal_execute

Jeff Greenberg jeff at ayendesigns.com
Thu Oct 22 21:11:57 UTC 2009

Greg Knaddison wrote:

> hook_menu elements don't have to be visible as menu choices.
Ah. Ok, so I've done this: I created a callback (edited to remove the 
description, etc.):
  $items['admin/store/orders/tracking_format'] = array(
    'page callback' => 'drupal_get_form',
    'page arguments' => array('_uc_shipmenttracking_format_form'),
    'type' => MENU_CALLBACK,
    'file' => 'uc_shipmenttracking.admin.inc',
and in the file uc_shipmenttracking.admin.inc I have a 
_uc_shipmenttracking_format_form() function that builds the form, and a 
_uc_shipmenttracking_format_form_submit() function.

So I would expect when the path 'admin/store/orders/tracking_format' is 
invoked, that the _uc_shipmenttracking_format_form function will fire?  
In the first form's submit function, I put a drupal_redirect_form 
statement that redirects to 'admin/store/orders/tracking_format', and 
when I click submit on the first form, I am sent to Page Not Found.

Thanks, getting close,

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