[development] tying user and content_profile together in a view or module

Jeff Greenberg jeff at ayendesigns.com
Thu Oct 29 13:25:24 UTC 2009

Thanks Andrew and Larry, I'm part-way there now. There's a third step, 
which is where it's failing.

What I'm trying to achieve is a basic (on any billing system) customer 
report. So it needs the e-mail (user), profile info... and (third step) 
their address, which is kept in the Ubercart order.

So, I did a node view. Filtered on Profile content type. Added (for 
testing) the user email field. And all is well.

Then, time for the address info. I tried first without relationship to 
add the Payer Phone from the field list (since it was offered). Got a 
SQL error of the bill-to-phone column being unknown. Ok, so then I added 
a relationship for Order UID, and received "ambiguous field order_uid.

So I added Order UID in the fields list, and the error went away. Oddly, 
the Payer Phone did not offer a relationship when I did that, and I 
still got an unknown column for bill-to-phone.

Then I tried making the relationship to the Profile instead (odd that it 
offered that, since I was starting with the profile). Now, the Payer 
Phone offers a relationship, but when i select it, I get an SQL error of 
unknown field node_users__uc_orders.nid.

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