[development] tying user and content_profile together in a view or module

Jeff Greenberg jeff at ayendesigns.com
Thu Oct 29 22:58:41 UTC 2009

Andrew Berry wrote:

> It's worth playing around with the ordering of the relationships. I 
> had some strange issues with relationship ordering between MySQL 4 and 
> MySQL 5.
> --Andrew

I've put a support request in on the Ubercart end. There is only one 
relationship... I'm creating a node view, filtered on the content 
profile node, and accessing the user information in it by the fact that 
the creating user's e-mail is offered, and that will be the user whose 
profile it is.

So the only relationship I create is to Order UID. As soon as I do that, 
I get an sql error. Similar results if I instead create a relationship 
to Order Payer Zone (which I need, because for some reason the State is 
not an address field offered, a whole other tale).

Thus, there's no rearranging of relationship order possible, since 
there's only 1.


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