[development] Creating separate registration forms for each role

Ken Winters kwinters at coalmarch.com
Tue Sep 8 19:30:57 UTC 2009

I believe he wants the actual form to be different.

We did something similar using the Profile module to create the fields 
for all roles and then hook_user, hook_form, etc. to make sure that only 
the right fields are displayed based on arg(2) (or whatever) and then 
processed correctly.

- kwinters

Aradhana wrote:
> Hi,
> There is a drupal module names auto assign role.. which provides same 
> functionality. We can differentiate forms on the basis of url. e.g 
> assign different url for vendors registration and different url for 
> customers.
> http://drupal.org/project/autoassignrole
> Regards,
> Aradhana
> rajasekharan wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In a current project, I have to create a separate registration form 
>> for each role. For example, "customers" has a registration form and 
>> "vendors" have a registration form that is separate. Any idea how I 
>> may achieve this using existing drupal modules?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Raj Sekharan

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