[development] code coverage sept

Dave Reid dave at davereid.net
Tue Sep 22 13:49:39 UTC 2009

You mean like Acquia is already doing with their code coverage reports?


Looks like they just need to update it more regularly. If this were to
go under the official drupal.org domains somewhere I'd prefer
something like testing.drupal.org/coverage.

Dave Reid
dave at davereid.net

> From: Raymond Muilwijk <r.muilwijk at madcap.nl>
> Subject: [development] code coverage sept
> Hello all,
> I thought you might be interested in a new code coverage report to see
> the current status of drupal core. Have a look over here:
> http://coverage.yarmu.nl
> For those who don't know the code coverage report was created using the
> http://drupal.org/project/code_coverage project written by cwgordon. I
> just modified his version to work with current CVS and posted the patch
> on the project issue queue. The original coverage reports (from 2008)
> can be found on http://coverage.cwgordon.com/coverage/html.
> Maybe we can make a effort to get this to run on drupal cvs every 2
> weeks / month on http://coverage.drupal.org? I'd like to help out to get
> it done!
> Greetings,
> Raymond

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