[development] Is their a way within Drupal to connect to a Java servlet or Java Server Page (JSP)?

Nyk Cowham nyk at cowham.net
Tue Apr 6 03:37:13 UTC 2010

> Is their a way within Drupal to connect to a Java servlet or Java
> Server Page (JSP)?
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> John J. Mitchell

   1. What do you mean by 'connect'?
   2. Which is the server and which the client. Does Drupal (PHP) need to
   consume information provided by the J2EE app, or the other way around?
   3. Is the J2EE application something you have control over or is it a
   closed proprietary product? In other words are you free to modify the J2EE
   app in any way?
   4. Is the J2EE app architecture logically separated; via a MVC pattern
   for example?
   5. What is it you are trying to achieve, exactly?
   6. Are Drupal and the J2EE container hosted on the same host?

There are many different ways to integrate a J2EE (or any) application
technology with PHP (and Drupal). However, the constraints of the J2EE
application, and how much freedom you have over both applications will
determine how this can be best achieved.

As a broad generality: If you are free to modify both systems (or the
service provider of one exposes an API already) you can integrate any web
application with any other web application using standard web service
strategies (XMLRPC, SOAP, REST/JSON, etc.) In essence this would be the same
as connecting to an existing web API (like Google Maps), the only difference
being is they you have to write both the service provider code as well as
the client/consumer code.

If you don't have freedom to modify the J2EE code then there may be some
other options available: e.g. using a PHP/Java bridge (

Nyk Cowham
Ashlin Interactive Strategy
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