[development] Debugging a multi-site

Don donald at fane.com
Mon Apr 12 00:30:51 UTC 2010

The easiest way to to put a debugBreak(); where you want to start 
stepping. You can put an if() in front of it if you want to check 
$_SERVER information.


On 4/11/2010 8:24 PM, Jeff Greenberg wrote:
> When I set up a project in my ide, phpED, it asks for the file path to 
> the file to run first, typically index.php, etc., and not a url.  So, 
> when working with a multi-site setup, is there a query string that I 
> can use to let Drupal know which domain is being requested, since any 
> domain in the multi-site is going to begin with index.php?

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