[development] Blocks and page context

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Also, arg(0), arg(1), arg(2), ... are available to the block. These are the real path components, not the URL alias stuff.
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$_GET['q'] holds the current, internal system path.

menu_get_item() provides you the currently active menu router item.

menu_get_object() provides you a dynamic argument context from the menu
router item, if any.



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    Good morning, 

    I am building a module and invoking hook_block.  I am wondering if
there is a way for my block to gain some context about the page on which it
will be rendered.  Primarily I would like to know if my block can be aware
of the URL of the page being displayed (not the http-requested URL in case
they differ), and the access permissions of the page being displayed (not
those of the block itself, or of the user accessing the block.


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