[development] Usability in Views and Blocks

Ivan Rocha ivan.cr.neto at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 16:44:02 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I am new in Drupal development and when was working with some views and
blocks, I found some lack of usability in them.
I don't know if in that list you receive suggestions for Drupal 7, but if
so, bellow are two good ones:

The blocks could be more interactive. It could be possible seeing the
regions in the page and bellow a bottom bar containing the blocks, side by
site. We could drag the blocks to the regions we choose. And it is a good
idea having a filter such as: "show me only the blocks that are seeing in
the 'archives' page", for example.

In the views module, the change is simple. When I have to choose a filter or
a field to show in my views, I usually look for the name of the field, but
it would be better if I could filter by the content type that the field
appears, because it is easier looking for the when you are creating a view
to display all the content from one especific content type. To have that two
options is a good advance in usability.

Maybe you have already thought about this features. So if possible, I'd like
do get a feedback about such development and maybe I can help too.

Ivan Rocha
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