[development] FWIW: using jQuery 1.4.2 (and jQuery-UI 1.8.2)

Rob Koberg rob at koberg.com
Thu Aug 26 23:12:42 UTC 2010


I want/need to use jQuery 1.4.2 mostly because of the 'live' method
(http://api.jquery.com/live/). This works fine for the most part. So
far the only problem has been with Chaos Tools ajax-responder.js and
the Page Manager. Even though ajax POST in
Drupal.CTools.AJAX.clickAJAXLink returns with a status 200, the error
handler is called. This is because the JSON returned is not valid and
causes jQuery-1.4.2  to fail and produce the error (in 1.4.2 parseJSON
needs a completely valid JSON string).

To fix this I send the error call to the same handler for success
(Drupal.CTools.AJAX.respond). I need to change the function to eval
the responseText.

  Drupal.CTools.AJAX.respond = function(data) {
	if (data.responseText) {
		data = eval('(' + data.responseText + ')');
    for (i in data) {
      if (data[i]['command'] &&
Drupal.CTools.AJAX.commands[data[i]['command']]) {

Is there a better way to handle this?


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