[development] Searching for AHAH! instead of AHAH?

jeff at ayendesigns.com jeff at ayendesigns.com
Fri Dec 31 04:20:51 UTC 2010

Jumped the gun a tiny bit. One remaining annoyance. In the Examples, 
because the module is creating the form rather than altering it, the 
function that creates the form can check for a form_state value from via 
ahah, which it then uses as a key to generate the options for the 
dependent select field.

Because I'm altering the form, when I change the master select value it 
fires the callback that receives the $form data from the helper function 
just like in the Examples example. The problem is that the $form data 
being returned from that function doesn't seem to contain the form_state 
value resulting from the select box change. I could just alter the 
helper function to return both $form and $form_state, but wanted to 
check for another idea first.

By the way, for anyone following the thread, when applying ahah to an 
existing form with cck fields, not only does ahah.js need to be loaded 
explicitly but also jquery.form.js.


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