[development] multisite installation

Ashraf Amayreh mistknight at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 12:35:32 UTC 2010

Hello all,

I've setup a multisite installation in this form:


c.abc.com -> a.example.com
d.abc.com -> b.example.com
e.abc.com -> a.example.com

I noticed that the only thing I change in the settings.php file is the
connection string and filepath, so I created one folder:


That gets all the requests. The only problem is that I need the
themes/modules folder to be a.example.com/themes when we're accessing c or
e.abc.com and b.example.com/themes when accessing d.abc.com, clearly,
abc.com can only point to either a.example.com or b.example.com, when
accessing c.abc.com I want to see a.example.com's themes and modules, when
accessing d.abc.com I want to see b.example.com's themes and modules. With
one symbolic link called abc.com I can't do that.

You might say, why not just leave the three symbolic links c,d & e rather
than trying to save on symbolic links. The reason is that *.abc.com will
number in thousands and even millions and I don't want to create a million
symbolic links. It seems the fix for this would be to somehow specify in
abc.com the modules and themes folders manually rather than it being
auto-detected by Drupal. The alternative would be a solution at the OS level
that I personally have no idea exists. I hope I did a good job of clarifying
this. Is it doable? If not, where should I start thinking of creating a
patch? Any pointers/ideas appreciated.

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